Life is an uncertain walk. Every step requires attention and a constant balance.
We live in a complex society. Rich in opportunities. Full of pitfalls. Sometimes we fail.
Failures may be experienced as an opportunity to improve. They can also trigger uncontrolled reactions. Dramatic.
If successes fuel vitality, failures undermine enthusiasm, drawing energy. They deprive us of normal functionality. They depress us. They can have disastrous consequences.
Defeats are indelible stains that we should recognize and accept. Otherwise, unsatisfactory experiences remain unresolved. Burdens that distress us. Black holes swallowing us in until tragically annihilating us.
The instinct of survival pushes us to struggle for life. To govern our existence. To aim at targets and reach them. Inevitably the time comes when we stumble. We thus realize that we do not have the strength to get back up.



Today Doodleit Tablet is finally here.
Doodleit Tablet is an artistic object of social utility.
With Doodleit Tablet art is put to the service of society.
Doodleit Tablet is a revolutionary device that heals failures and restores lost clarity and vitality.
Doodleit Tablet is an innovative tool that permanently frees us from failures to face new challenges.
Doodleit Tablet is a mechanism specifically designed for those defeats that have serious consequences in people’s lives.
Its high artistic quality heals even the most disastrous, catastrophic cases.
Doodleit Tablet is a miraculous tablet, available in different types, each specific to the particular failure category to be treated.
Women, men, the elderly, children, people, the whole of humanity, all can now live their own defeats with loving enjoyment.
Simply because Doodleit Tablet will easily and permanently solve them.
Just overlap the Doodleit Tablet on the disastrous effect and incredibly the unexpected happens.
The failure no longer affects the party’s life. Replaced by positive sparkling energy.
Doodleit Tablet puts an end to the tragedy. Designed to save a defeated humanity. Unable to rise back up. Without hope.
Doodleit Tablet is a converter of miserable experiences. Enjoy yours with Doodleit Tablet.
Select the promotional offer of the month. Do not miss this opportunity.
Buy Doodleit Tablet now and immediately conquer tomorrow.
With Doodleit Tablet life is more beautiful.
Just doodle it with Doodleit Tablet.



We are the successful creators of an innovative, useful, and elegant device: after eliminating your failures, it will remain as a timeless and precious piece of art and technology loved by generations to come. It’s not a joke. It’s not the consequence of a skilled marketing operation. Such a triumph must have a solid background.
The excellence of the product we offer is the result of the sacrifice of a team made up of specialists, highly qualified in every field of human knowledge. A group of experts that dedicates the same conviction, competence, ability, passion, love and faith every single day. Our tendency is to serve people and meet their higher needs. Our business is based on a constant fact-finding research of the human imagination, and the development of projects to make what is imagined feasible. All this always, regardless. Our work is based on the creation of simple but cutting edge devices conceived to guarantee a conceptual and existential stroke to the human experience.
Our analysis systems capture and rework any vibration generated by humanity, anywhere on the planet. During a stay in New York City they detected, among many false winners, a mixed vastness of overwhelming losers.
Although by nature we’re led to interact with what is more divine rather than what is horrible we decided, in this case, to make an exception. We decided to do something to save the losers. The miserable ones. The human wrecks. Those without a future. Without hope.
Thus the Doodleit Tablet was created.
A device that the whole world loves.
The object that you have always unconsciously wanted.


Historical Figures



Using Doodleit Tablet is very simple. It is an acrylic white tablet. In its pure, virginal state. Ready to use. Equipped with a special hand drawing. Just remove the drawing to activate the automatic mechanism and incredibly heal any experienced failure. Even the most disastrous. Different drawings indicate the different types of tablets available, each specifying a particular category of failure to deal with: love, sex, money, work, family, friendships, relationships, holidays, muscular body, psycho-physical well-being, small daily goals, separate waste collection, but also social issues such as the financial crack, counter the terrorism, water shortage, environmental pollution, global warming, animal species extinction.
At the beginning, the text and images that describe the history of failure are shown on the surface of a canvas. This is overlapped by a chessboard consisting of a variable number of Doodleit Tablets. Once the drawing has been removed, while in contact with the text and images, the Doodleit Tablet will automatically activate, generating random scribbles. A tangle of doodles will extend swirling until the lower level will no longer be perceptible. This is just the first part of the phenomenon.
Subsequently, after automatic processing, the dynamic marks produced by the Doodleit Tablet show a vivid, articulated, gestural design. Vibrant point and line connections form the dynamic tension ribbing. A dense, curvilinear mesh now interacts with the text and images of failure. Allowing its reading. Careful and prolonged observation is needed. This practice, called “read through”, heals the failure experience. A practice that re-energizes vital energy sources and, at the same time, stimulates phenomenal imaginary, but also actual, positive thinking. Click here to see an example.
The tablets, spaced apart, form narrow lanes through which text and images are still legible in their dramatic original stage. The unforgiving comparison between the infamous stage and the stage transformed with the Doodleit Tablet, shows how much life without the Doodleit Tablet is a lost cause. A misfortune. But now there is nothing to fear.



To purchase Doodleit Tablet write directly to our executive master Pier Paolo Bandini at the email address He will make the Doodleit Tablet specially for you.
Specify the numbers, format, and size of the tablets you want. As well as the type of failure that you intend to heal.
Considering the great demand for the product, which is not stocked but always built specifically for the specific needs of the customer, the preventive purchase of Doodleit Tablet is highly recommended. So you can heal your next disastrous experiences without waiting for long delivery times. In this case you will have to concentrate on understanding the type of failure you will encounter. Or you can buy the full range of Doodleit Tablets available. Those who fail once very often continue to fail throughout their lives and in the most diverse areas. You will not regret it. You will use all of them.



Variable depending on the numbers, format, size of the Doodleit Tablets, and the typology of failure.
Other factors that affect the price are the severity of failure, the pain you’ve experienced and your responsibility in causing it.
For the Doodleit Tablets purchased to clear future stories of failure always calculate an additional 300%.



By bank transfer.
99% when the order is placed.
1% one hundred working days before delivery.



Serial number / Life time warranty / Free global shipping


Set One



Why is Doodleit Tablet so special?
If you read everything that was written above and you still don’t understand why Doodleit Tablet is so special then we doubt your intelligence. It’s obvious that you’re a loser. But that’s not a problem. Don’t torture yourself. There is still hope. Buy Doodleit Tablet immediately.

How can a device as small as Doodleit Tablet solve my gigantic failures?
Small does not mean ineffective, just as big does not mean exellence.
For example, look at your failures, they’re huge but no one cares about them.

Does Doodleit Tablet work even if I’m an incredibly notorious loser?
Dear customer, you’re in the right place. Big losers are our joy. Doodleit Tablet always works regardless. Buy it every time you fail. We’ll get rich while laughing at your expense.

I have failed numerous times, does Doodleit Tablet also work for those who have lost all hope?
Doodleit Tablet always works, regardless. But you’ll certainly remain a loser for your entire life. You’ll be forced to sell your house in order to buy an unlimited quantity of Doodleit Tablets. But that’s not a problem. Go on as always.

Does Doodleit Tablet work properly even if I don’t feel responsible for my failures?
Doodleit Tablet always works, regardless. However, if you don’t feel responsible for your failures, use one of the four edges of Doodleit Tablet to make a hole in your head and let all the air out. We assure you that the edge you’ll choose will be responsible for the hole.

While using Doodleit Tablet can I cry for the disasters I’ve caused, or do I have to laugh?
You can cry or laugh according to your needs while using Doodleit Tablet. However, we recommend that you violently hit your testicles with Doodleit Tablet. Then please let us know if you cried or laughed.

If I use Doodleit Tablet incorrectly, is there a specific Doodleit Tablet to solve this type of failure?
If you make a mistake using Doodleit Tablet, it means that failure is part of your DNA. But don’t be alarmed. We’ve developed a specific Doodleit Tablet for this type of deficiency. You can buy it at a price increased by 1000%.

If my friends see that I bought Doodleit Tablet, will they think that I’m a loser?
Of course they will. In fact, you are. But don’t worry. If they’re your friends, it means that they aren’t worth anything either.

After overcoming failure with Doodleit Tablet, could I feel a longing for the failure that has distressed me for so long?
Of course. People with no balls like you will feel nostalgic about the failures they solved with Doodleit Tablet. But that’s not a problem. In these cases the best thing to do is to periodically fail in order to quench the longing. Resolve each new failure with a new Doodleit Tablet. Then fail again. And so on and so forth to infinity. This will beat the longing.

Now that I have become aware of Doodleit Tablet’s existence, can I lightheartedly continue to fail or do I have to commit myself to keep it from happening again?
Your failures are important for our success. Our most passionate advice is to continue to periodically fail with ever-shorter intervals. Doodleit Tablet was created for you.

Is Doodleit Tablet a single-use product, or can it be used many times?
Doodleit Tablet can be reused an infinite number of times. But consider it single use. Always use a new Doodleit Tablet for each new failure to resolve. It’ll be more therapeutic and effective. The money you spend must not be a problem. We’ll take care of that, too.

If I purchase Doodleit Tablet to resolve future failures, could it compromise my optimistic outlook on life?
Of course it will. But you must know that your optimistic outlook on life is the main thing that will ruin this world. So we recommend buying many Doodleit Tablets not only to resolve your inevitable future failures, but above all getting rid of your stupid optimistic outlook for a markedly negative one.


Project Doodleit